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Asian characters in the source files names

Moving a case that includes Asian characters in the source files names.

Due to limitations caused by files or folders that have Asian characters in the source file names (example: 中華民國.pst or C:\中華民國\test folder\ ) it is not recommended to use the Export option in the Intella case manager to make an .icf.

If you wish to move a case from one computer to another you must use the following method to ensure the case is correctly moved.

On the Intella TEAM Manager Computer

1.Using Windows Explorer,  browse to the location of the  case folder on your hard drive.

Example:  %appdata%\Intella\cases\[casename]

2. Copy the entire case folder to a USB or network drive
3. Move the case  folder to the  Reviewer PC’s local hard drive
4. Move the evidence to the Reviewer PC’s local hard drive

On the Intella TEAM Reviewers PC

1. Open the Intella  Case Manager
2. Use the Browse button to navigate to the case folder on the Reviewers PC
3. Open the case folder and select the case.xml in the root of the folder
4. Select Open and Intella will start the case as normal.

This method should be used instead of creating and importing .icf file any time Asian characters are in the source file names. It should be used for moving both TEAM and Desktop cases.

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