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Problems Exporting Evidence From Intella

Problems Exporting Evidence From Intella

1.  Verify that another application isn’t accessing the evidence file(s).  If another program is accessing the files you will need to close the application before you attempt to export the files. 

2.  Prior to Intella 1.4 moving evidence files would either fail to open the case or export the files.  If a removable hard drive was used, a USB drive for example, it had to be reconnected using the same drive letter in order for the case to open or the following error would appear.  

If the evidence has been moved, while using Intella 1.4+, a dialog box will appear when opening the case and allow you to browse to the new location of the evidence files.  The case will still open properly if this step is skipped, however the following actions will not work without the evidence files present.  

·         Exporting of files

·         Opening items in their native application

Access to the evidence files is essential for both of these actions.

Exporting to PST

3.  Microsoft Outlook is required to export email messages to a PST file.  The MS Outlook PST file option, under export, will be grayed out if Outlook isn’t installed on your machine.  You can verify the installation of Microsoft Outlook by going to File->Preferences and selecting the MS Outlook tab.   

Note: When exporting to a PST file the parent email must be selected in order to export the descendants (attachments).  If you have selected to export attachments, without the parent email, you will receive the following warning. 

If you would like to show the parent emails of selected files you can reference the “Showing the Parent Email” section of the manual (Help->Help Topics). 

Please note that after you do the showing parent email procedure this warning dialog will still appear.

There is an option within the export dialog to create a .csv report.  If you select this option a .csv file of the exported files will be created and placed in the export directory.  If you are experiencing any of the issues above the .csv file may help you determine why the files are not being exported. 

Products: Intella Desktop, Team, Intella Viewer - 1.4, 1.41, 1.42                       

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