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Long File Path Names and UNC Paths

How does Intella handle long file path names and UNC paths?

        1.  Intella can properly index files with long path names. 

An in-house test was done to confirm the results.  The folder structure we used to test this couldn’t have been done manually in Windows Explorer due to the length of the path.  To create a folder with a long file path we used Intella’s export functionality.

Windows Explorer will typically give a warning when trying to delete folders with long path names. 

The files containing long path names were indexed properly in Intella and exported without a problem. 


2.  Intella can properly index evidence through a UNC path, regardless of long file path names.

        3.  There is a limitation on the length of the path of a PST file when exporting mails to that PST.  This

has nothing to do with the actual items or their sources, just the location of the generated PST file. 

This is actually an Outlook limitation, as we use Outlook beneath the surface to create PST files. 

Normally specifying a path that exceeded a certain limit would result in a vague export error.  In Intella 1.4.1 + we check the length of the path up front and provide a helpful error message when necessary. 

This is the only path limitation that we are aware within Intella. 











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