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Main menu

Main Menu


• Preferences
Open the Preferences dialog (see Preferences)

• Exit (Ctrl+Q)
Exit the application


• Refresh all (Ctrl+R)
Check all sources for updated (new, changed, deleted) items.

• Re-index
Recreate all indexes from scratch.

• Add New... (Ctrl+N)
Add a new source to be indexed by Intella.

• Edit Sources... (Ctrl+E)
Open the Edit sources dialog box

For a detailed explanation of the source operations, please see the Sources chapter.


• Cluster Map

Animate changes
Turn cluster map animation on or off
(see also: Preferences)

Scale to Fit Window
Turn cluster map size scaling on or off
(see also: Preferences)

• Results

Switch the Details panel view into the List Mode

Switch the Details panel view into the Table Mode

• Close all previews (Ctrl+Shift+W)
Closes all open preview windows

• Full screen
Toggle full-screen mode


• Cluster Map...
You can export current cluster map graph as a PNG image, HTML, or XML image map (to publish the map on a web page). In the wizard dialog, select desired export format and enter a file name.

Export a single result to a desired location. See Chapter 14. Details panel section “Exporting a single result.”

• Result List...
Export all the files in a selection (or the entire table) to a desired location and optionally create a report of the export. See Chapter 14. Details panel section “Exporting a result list.”
18.1.5 Help

• Help Topics (F1)

• Open Log Folder
Opens the folder where Intella stores logging information.

 About Intella
Shows a dialog with two tabs. The first tab contains the version number of Intella. The second tab contains system information.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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