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The Review tab opens a strip of buttons that allow you to inspect, tag, and flag an item. With the Contents, Headers, Properties, and other tabs you can inspect different parts of the item.


• Previous and Next buttons
Go to the next or previous item in a list. Alternatively you can also use the keyboard shortcuts Alt+right-arrow for next, and Alt+left-arrow left for previous.


• Tag button
Opens the tag space where you can add new tags to your case and select a tag from a list of existing tags.

• Quick tag buttons
You can assign a tag to a quick tag button. Clicking the button tags the item and switches the previewer to the next untagged item in the list. If no tag is pinned to a Quick tag button, it is randomly associated with one of the recently used tags by default.

• Auto Advance button
When this button is selected, clicking the quick tag buttons will switch the previewer to the next item in the list.

• Flagged
To flag an item select the check box. You might want to flag an item for organizational reasons. For example, to keep track of the items that you have reviewed in the case.


• Red and green arrowed buttons
With these buttons you can see where in the Contents and Headers tab search terms appear. When you click a button, the text will scroll to the place of next or previous search term.

Tip: When search terms are present in the text of the item they are highlighted and the scroll bar of the Contents and Headers tab in the previewer will be marked with one or more orange lines. These lines indicate where you can find the search terms. The Contents tab and other tabs…

• Contents
This tab shows the body of an item.

Note: If the item text is too long, it is truncated in the previewer for performance purposes. Click on the "Show full text" button to view the complete item text

• Headers
This tab shows the complete header of the email item. This tab is only shown when you open an email item.

Important:  Intella indexes all the email headers. You can search for words that are only part of the email headers if you select “Summary & Description” in the Search panel under Options (see Chapter 9 Searching).

• Properties
Shows a list of properties connected to the item. For example: Size, Content Created, MIME Type, and Creator.
The list of properties is different for each type of item.
To copy all the text to the clipboard click Copy all.

Tip: Hover over the question marks at the right hand side with your mouse and see a short definition of each property.

• Attachments
Lists of all the attachments of the email item. This tab is only shown when you open an email item.

Tip: When you double-click an attachment or select it and click View, it will be opened in new Previewer window.

• Thumbnails
Thumbnails of images (jpg, png, gif etc.) attached to an email item or embedded in a document such as the images in a Microsoft Word document.
Select the checkbox below the image to flag a thumbnail.

Tip:  When you double-click a thumbnail, the image will be opened in a new previewer window.

• Entries
List of entries (items) found in an archive file such as a ZIP file or a RAR file.

Tip: When you double-click an archive entry or select it and click View, it will be opened in new Previewer window. If the entry is a sub-folder inside the archive, its content will be opened in the same 'Entries' tab. Double-click the '..' entry on the top of the list to return to the parent folder.

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