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List view, thumbnails view, and timeline

List view

List view displays the results in a form similar to conventional web search engines (select the third button in the Details Panel Control). For each item, the title and other important metadata will be displayed.

For your convenience, the list is split into separate pages.

Thumbnails view

Thumbnails view displays the thumbnails of the images detected within a selected cluster. This includes images embedded in email attachments and images inside documents.

Hover over the thumbnails with your mouse cursor to see a summary of the data connected to the image. You can flag an image with the checkbox below the thumbnail.

When you double click a thumbnail, the image will open in the previewer.

Timeline view

Timeline view will show you a chronological representation of email communications. The left pane shows the email senders and receivers, with their communication plotted chronologically. Every arrow in the timeline view is an email and points to the receiver of the email.

The green squares are senders. The red squares are receivers on the To-list. The blue squares are receivers on the CC-list.

Tip: When you click an arrow, the arrow, the connected arrows, and the connected squares will be highlighted.

When you double click an arrow, the email will show in a preview window.

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