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The Cluster Map options and settings can be accessed through the buttons in the Cluster Map toolbar.

• Display individual results / Display clusters as single visual entities
These two buttons switch between two modes of cluster visualization. In the first mode, each individual item is shown as an individual visible item within a cluster. Hovering the mouse cursor over this item will show information about the item in a tool tip. If you do not need this much detail in the graph, you can use the second mode, in which individual items are not displayed within the clusters. When you click on a cluster, the detailed information is shown in the Details Panel.

• Change color scheme 
This button opens a menu to choose a scheme to colorize the clusters in the map. There are three color schemes:

o Result Based Colors (default): in which each query result set has its own color.
o Rank Based Colors: in which the result set that matches the most queries has the darkest color. The less it matches, the lighter the color.
o Uniform Colors: where all results have the same color, until you make a selection, then the selections takes on a darker color.

• Hide less connected clusters 
If this option is enabled, the clusters with fewer connections will be hidden.

• Scale the graph to fit the available screen space 
If this option is enabled, the cluster map size will be automatically adjusted for the screen space of the panel (no scrollbars will appear). This option can also be accessed through View > Cluster Map > Scale to fit window.

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