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Intella support

Multiple support options

Vound understands the importance of customer support and offers four options designed to meet your needs:
1. Standard Vound support
2. Vound support contract
3. Vound Forum
4. Certified Intella training courses

Standard Vound support
Standard support is available at no charge to all eligible Intella users (see note!).

The most effective and efficient way to receive standard support is through the Vound support portal at:  Simply select “Submit a ticket” and provide the requested information.

An alternative method is to send an email to:

Vound support is provided on business days, Monday through Friday. We will attempt to respond within two (2) business days.  Response will be by: email, phone, GoToMeeting or Skype.

Note: Eligible Intella users are:
1. In the first year of their software license or are users who have purchased additional year(s) of support and maintenance. (Support, maintenance and release upgrades are included in the first year of the license agreement.)
2. Are at the current release of Intella software.
3. Have Intella installed on a computer that meets the minimum recommended hardware and software specifications listed in the current version of the Intella User Manual.

Examples included in standard support:
• Installation and set-up support (limited to one computer in your environment).
• Configuration support and support on use of standard Intella options.
• Support for errors in the software (bugs).

No standard support can be provided…
• If Intella has been modified in any way.
• When Intella is not being used for its intended purpose as an email investigation and/or e-discovery tool.
• When 3rd party applications, such as anti-virus software, firewalls, and other forensic applications, interfere with Intella.

Support contract
A Vound support contract is available to customers wanting additional support on an individually contracted basis.  The support contract provides assistance that falls outside Vound standard support (see Standard Vound support).
If you want to know more, please contact your Vound representative or your local Intella reseller.

Vound Forum
The Vound Forum is a valuable resource. The Forum is available at no cost for all Intella users, however registration is required to gain access. Examples of what you will find on the Forum pages:
• Instructions in configuring your Intella case.
• Tips and tricks for using Intella on cases.
• Dialogue with other Intella users.

Please note that the Forum is not an official support medium. This means that posting to the Forum does not guarantee you will get a response from the Vound support team.

Certified Intella training courses
Vound offers a number of paid training courses for its product. These courses are designed to expand your effectiveness and results when using Intella. It is recommended that all users take a minimum basic training course to ensure they are correctly using the product.
Users who have taken a recent training course for their Intella product will be offered a discount on a paid support contract.

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