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Issues with installing Intella and accessing cases

You may have issues installing, or running Intella on your system. You may also have issues accessing cases that have already been created. These issue can happen for a few different reasons which are discussed below.

Installation issues

The Next button is disabled when you select the installation folder, and you can not continue with the install process

The intella installation has a safeguard where it will not allow Intella to be installed into a folder when other files or folders are present. This can happen when you try to install Itella into a generic folder like  C:\Program Files\Vound\Intella, but a previous installation is already present in this location. To work around this issue, you can create a new folder using the Intella version in the folder name (e.g. C:\Program Files\Vound\Intella 2.1.1).

I can't install Intella into a folder even when it is empty

Related to the Next button being disabled above, this can happen when you have tried to install Intella into a folder that contains files or folders. You then remove the files or folders to make the installation folder empty. Although the installation folder is now empty, the Installation's safeguard has remembered this folder, and it wont let you install Intella in this location.

Issues running Intella

The most common problem when you have issues with running Intella or accessing cases is that the user does not have the permissions to access critical files or folders. We recommend that Intella is install while logged on to the system with the Administrator account, or with an account that has administrator rights to the complete system.

If Intella has been installed with an account that does not have administrator rights to the system, you may run into issues during the install process. In this case you will likely be asked to provide elevated permissions during the install process.

Please be aware that if you have installed Intella into a folder that other users on the system do not have access to (e.g. the logged in user's My Documents folder or a custom folder that has access restrictions), then other users who log onto the system will not be able to run Intella. Intella should be installed onto a common folder that everyone has access to, such as C:\Program Files\Vound\Intella.

Issues accessing cases

In regards to issues accessing cases, you can run into a similar permissions issue. If the first user has created a case in their own profile (such as the My Documents folder), the second user will not have permissions to access this folder. If that is the case, then the second user won't be able to open the case until the first user moves the case to a common folder that everyone has access to.

Again, if a case is made in a common folder, but the evidence that was indexed was located in the user's profile, the second user will be able to access the case, but they will receive an 'Attached evidence' warning that the evidence is no longer available. The evidence needs to be moved to the common folder, then it needs to be re-pathed to the new location using the Sources menu - then the Edit Evidence Paths option.

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