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Instructions for Activating Intella P.I.

To activate Intella P.I. on your computer you will need to complete the following 3 steps: 

  • Download and install Intella
  • Create a c2v file on the computer that you want to use Intella P.I. on
  • Apply the P.I. license to your computer system

Note: Once Intella P.I. has been licensed on a particular computer, it cannot be moved to another computer. Therefore it is important to conduct all of the steps below on the system which you want to use Intella P.I. on.


Section 1: Downloading and Installing Intella

Intella can be downloaded from the following link.

32-bit: setup-intella-x86-
64-bit: setup-intella-x64-

Once downloaded, install Intella on to the computer you want to run Intella P.I. on.

Note: We provide generic install files as Intella will run in the mode for which it is licensed. Once Intella is installed, it will default to the Trial version until your P.I. license has been applied to the computer.


Section 2: Creating a c2v file

Once Intella is installed on the system you wish to run Intella P.I on, you will need to create a c2v file. This can be done by following these steps: 

  1. Run 'haspupdate.exe' which is located in the bin directory of the installation directory. E.g. C:\Program Files\Vound\Intella 2.2.2\bin (Note that the installation folder name may be different).

  2. Path to a location to save the c2v file, and also enter a name for the c2v file.

  3. You may not have the same number of entries as shown below, but select an entry that starts with HASP SL then click on OK.

  4. Once done, go to this URL, then choose the "P.I. Support" option, and attach your c2v along with all of your company details. 


Section 3: Applying the Intella P.I. license to your system

Vound Support will send you an activation file (v2c file). The activation file created for Intella P.I. is specific to the computer it was created for. It will not work on any other computer system. The activation file will end with a .v2c file extension. Example: HaspUpdate_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.v2c. Save the v2c-file on your computer in a easy to access location e.g. the Desktop

The v2c file can be applied to the computer by following these steps:

  1. Type the following URL into a web browser and click on the 'Browse' button.

  2. Navigate to the Desktop (or folder where you saved the v2c file that you received from Support) and select the v2c file.

  3. Once the v2c file has been selected, click on the 'Apply File' button and the intella P.I license will be applied to the computer.


Once complete, your version of Intella P.I will be activated on your computer.


Section 4: Support

Support for Intella P.I. is community based via the Intella P.I. community and forum links below.

The Intella P.I. - Forum - Here you will find the FAQ and community based support.

The Vound Community. Here you can ask for assistance on how to undertake tasks such as searching, filtering, setup and exporting.


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