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License Dongle Activation


This document provides information regarding the different methods to update your Intella/Connect dongle. There are two different methods to update your license dongle. The most common (and easiest) method to update your dongle is to use Intella's built-in Dongle Manager. This method requires that you have internet connectivity on the system where the dongle (which is being updated) is plugged in. The steps are outlined in the Updating your Dongle Automatically section below.

Some of our customers have security constraints or their dongles are plugged into servers which do not have internet connectivity. Therefore they cannot updated their dongle with Dongle Manager. For these customers we have developed a new (manual) method where dongles can be updated without Dongle Manager. The steps to update your dongle manually are outlined in the Updating your Dongle Manually section.

Note: These procedures may not work with Network dongles (the red dongles). It depends on what licenses are applied to the network dongle. For example, a license that ends in “… Network” or “… Custom License” (e.g. Intella Professional 2.2.x Network or Intella Connect 2.2.x Custom License) will need to be made manually and a support ticket will need to be submitted.


Updating your Dongle Automatically

Using Dongle Manager is the preferred method to update your dongle for the following reasons:

  • Dongle Manager is very easy to use and provides the lowest risk for issues to occur.
  • Dongle Manager can fix issues in situations where previous licenses have been created for a specific dongle but they have never been applied.
  • Dongle Manager provides information such as which products are licensed on the dongle and when their maintenance agreements expire.

Follow these steps to update your dongle automatically with Dongle Manager:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Intella installed. The latest version can be downloaded from the Vound support portal (Note: you must be logged in to access the downloads section).
  2. Click the Windows Start button> Vound> Intella and select the Dongle Manager application.  
  3. Click the 'Check for Updates' button when the Dongle Manager opens. 
  4. If your SMS is valid your dongle should update to the new version. If your SMS has expired you will get an error and will need to contact sales to renew your SMS.
  5. You will be able to see the current licenses attached to the dongle by clicking on the 'Show Products' button.



Updating your Dongle Manually

Manual dongle updates are performed by using the Hasp updater application (haspupdate.exe) which is located in the Bin directory of the Intella installation folder.

To tell the update system that your dongle is licensed with the latest version, a c2v file needs to be extracted from your dongle and uploaded to our dongle management site. The c2v file contains information regarding your dongle and the licenses that your dongle holds. The system will use the c2v file to add the appropriate licenses and will provide you with v2c file(s) which you will then use to update your dongle using the Hasp updater application.

Extracting a C2V file from your Dongle

  1. Extract a c2v file by plugging your dongle into a USB port on your computer.

  2. Start 'haspupdate.exe'. You will find haspupdate.exe in the bin directory in the installation directory of Intella.

    Note: The default installation directory is C:\Program Files\Vound\Intella\ however, your folder structure may be different depending on how Intella was installed.

  3. Click the 'Collect Key Status Information' tab. Then click the 'Collect information' button.

  4. In the dialog you will be asked to 'Save key status as'. Save the file with your company name.

  5. A window will appear asking you to select the HASP key located on your system. It is important that you select the hardware license (the one starting with 'HASP HL').

  6. If you are activating more than one dongle please number the files and matching dongles with the same number. The file(s) you create will have a c2v file extension.

    Example of naming c2v files:

  7. After you have clicked 'Save', you will see that the key status was retrieved successfully.

    Uploading the c2v file to the license management system

  8. Once you have created the c2v file, open the link below and follow the instructions on the screen to upload the c2v file.

  9. Once the c2v file has been processed by the licensing server, you will be redirected to the result page. If your dongle was already up-to-date, you will receive a message confirming that the dongle is up-to-date and no more action is required.

  10. If your dongle was not up-to-date, you will be shown a list of one or more v2c files (pending updates for your dongle) that you need to download. It is important that the v2c files are applied to the dongle in the correct sequence to avoid any conflicts with expired/obsolete v2c updates. It would also be beneficial to prepare a new empty folder (say on the desktop) so that you can download the v2c file(s) and apply them in the correct order.

    Applying the provided v2c file(s) to update your dongle

  11. Similar to extracting c2v files (as mentioned above), you need to run the Hasp updater application (haspupdate.exe) to apply each downloaded v2c update license file. You will find haspupdate.exe in the bin directory in the installation directory of Intella.

  12. This time click the 'Apply License Update' tab. Then click the browse button (bottom right with three dots on it). This opens a file selector dialog.

  13. Navigate to the folder of the v2c file(s) that you copied earlier and select the correct v2c file for the correct dongle. As mentioned, there may be more than one v2c file for a specific dongle. Make sure you apply these in the correct sequence (e.g. start with ...update_1.v2c, and then apply ...update_2.v2c etc.).

  14. Once the v2c file has been selected, click 'Open'. Once the v2c file has been added, click the 'Apply update' button and the update will be applied to the dongle.

  15. Continue steps 13 and 14 for any other v2c files which belong to the sequence.

  16. Once complete you can view the licenses attached to your dongle by opening Dongle Manager (from the 'Help' menu in Intella) and clicking on the 'Show Products' button.



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